Your phone, your best friend in preparing your ski outings


M-commerce, or e-commerce developed through mobile apps, has steadily grown in popularity and the world of skiing is no exception to this new development.

There are many well-known online sales applications, and the convenience of being able to look, compare, and if you like to, buy, when you want and from where you want, is priceless.

This convenience, exists largely in part because in today’s world, we are rarely separated from our phones. Mobile devices integrate more and more functionalities and the user experience for shoppers improves day by day.

Unsurprisingly, m-commerce challenges “traditional” electronic commerce. A mobile is always easier to transport than a computer, and mobile apps, as a sales channel, are better adapted to the needs of customers.

e-commerce and the snow sector

For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more online stores integrate a mobile shopping channel and invest in the improvement of their online stores with the aim of increasing sales. The snow sector has also felt the effects of this transformation.

It would be impossible to discuss selling ski passes online without mentioning the American company Liftopia, who have managed to place the sale of ski passes online on a par with traditional ticket offices.

Europe has not been left behind either. There, companies such as Skioo, who offer a common pass for many ski resorts in Switzerland, Travelski or, who use their own apps to launch their own packages and promotional packages, know how crucial it is to apply rigorous commercial strategies in both e-commerce and in m-commerce. These companies, together with the Aramón Group in Spain, are leading the way in a new era in snow commerce.

Estiber app

Estiber is another great example of this transformation. This season they have released their new app loaded with improvements. It features a much more intuitive new design, making it easier to consult and find what you are looking for.

Take advantage of the Estiber App to find the best offers year-round for escaping to the Alps or any resort in the Pyrenees or Spain.

Check real-time snow conditions, weather forecast, webcams, digital maps, the quality of the facilities or the community activities of most of the world’s resorts; all useful in helping you choose the best breaks .

Make the most of the advantages offered by this travel agency specialized in the sale of ski packages at the best price. Now also from your mobile!

Another of the great advantages of the app is the compatibility with the Skitude social platform. This compatibility allows you to register activities and tracks, discover your real performance with personalized ski, snowboarding, cross-country skiing statistics, etc … and also capture your best moments by photograph.

Apps-mcommerce-blog-03-en app

Following the same trend is This search for ski packages and offers both in the Pyrenees and in the Alps features a very attractive new app format that allows you to book complete ski packages for the best market price.


Network of apps compatible with Skitude

Within the network of apps compatible with Skitude there is a great number of official applications for ski resorts that allow you to make purchases and renew ski passes. Examples below:

The Aramón Club

In Aragón, the Aramón Group, made up of four ski resorts are this year rolling out a host of new features including the integration of its online store within the oficial app and the creation of Club Aramón.

Club Aramón is a loyalty program that not only allows the purchase and renewal of ski passes. In addition, it offers its members several advantages such as discounts on tracks or a reduced price for online purchases. Added to this is the fact that with the same account and the same user, you can access the Skitude social platform. In this way, the skier can register his ski days, consult his statistics and share his experience with other members of Club Aramón.


More apps

Apps such as La Molina, N’PY or Vallnord among many others also incorporate within them the concept of online stores and allow you to purchase ski passes and other services.


Even shopping around is possible with m-commerce in the ski sector. Quick and easy to use, same offers as on the web, and everything else, all from your mobile.

What are you waiting for? Find the best deals today!

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