Skitude: Experience ski or snowboarding like you never have before

There are a number of apps currently available that allow us to monitor our physical activity. This includes many Android and iOS applications that focus on sports such as running, cycling, and other booming disciplines like CrossFit or functional training, which use your own body weight.

Nevertheless, when we talk about an application that focuses mainly on the skier or snowboarder who wants to monitor and consult their activity on the mountain, there are few alternatives to Skitude and its compatible brethren, the rest of the official ski resort applications.

Why is Skitude the ultimate tool for the winter sports lover?

GPS Tracker: one of the principal functions of every Skitude compatible application is the ability to register all your activity, be it on the slopes, or while in the backcountry. This way, it is possible to know, at any moment, how long you have been doing an activity, your current and average speed, and distance travelled, both the ascent and vertical drop. All this information is perfectly separated into different headings depending upon the activity chosen (downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark, etc.).

Using geolocation, the apps select the ski resort where you registered the activity by default, so you can see where you skied any time you wish.


Detailed statistics: once a user profile is created, it is possible to check the progress of your stats, separated into the type of activity registered, at any given moment. In this manner, it is quick and easy to find out the number of days you have been doing a specific activity, and see the total distance, maximum vertical and drop achieved, etc.


Available at all times: for those moments when there is no internet connection, the apps store all registered activity until reconnection to an active 4G/Wi-Fi network at which time all data is synchronized with the Skitude servers and stored in the cloud. Later on, with your username and password, this information is accessible through the apps or directly from the website.

Radar Graph: another function linked to our registered snow activity is the Radar Graph. This graphic provides a visual representation of all recorded data such as: resistance, experience, speed, versatility, and why not, the level of addiction. The graph is updated automatically based on your stat evolution. Want to find out more? Check out this article.


3D visualization: although at the moment this function is only available through the Aramon APP, it is undoubtedly one of the innovations of the season. It is now possible to see a visual depiction of recorded activity shown as a detailed 3D representation of your day of skiing or snowboarding that includes the mountain topography of the resort where it was registered.

Rankings: through the network of APPS that function with the Skitude platform, it is possible to see the present leaders of each discipline for the current season, and those of previous seasons. For example, which user has registered the most distance, accumulated meters, time and ski days.


Skitude is social: we like to share the best things in life, and through Skitude we will continue to do so. The platform allows users to search and connect with other users, who, like us, enjoy long days in the snow.

At any given moment, you can see where you are, the type of activity recorded and the latest photos taken through the apps. Although, if you prefer to go incognito, it is possible to make your profile private so other users will not be able to access your activity.


And last, but certainly not least, the network of Skitude apps gives users the chance to win prizes for doing what they like to do most. Users can register, compete and monitor participation in each of the active challenges, some sponsored by ski resorts and others, from the best-known brands of the outdoor world.

All these features can be found, for free, in the variety of apps that make up the Skitude platform.

We know that those who love the snow typically enjoy other outdoor activities as well. Because of this, the APP allows users to select different types of activities too such as running, trail running, cycling, etc. We have made sure that all the information you need is available in just one app.

And you? Are you already using Skitude?


Download Skitude

Check the network of available apps based on your location in the following link.

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