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Skitude challenges allow you to win incredible prizes that will not leave you out in the cold. Worry not! Two challenges are going on right now that will put you in the running to potentially win some Söll gear for yourself, or a person of your choice.

Log into the network of Skitude apps and participate in our challenges. If you meet the Söll Challenge goal, you could be the possible winner of a jacket and pant ensemble from this prominent brand known by skiers everywhere. But wait, you may also hit the goal in our Söll 5-K Challenge, and be entered into a drawing to win a thermal top and bottom base layer set to protect you in even the harshest conditions.

Be sure to check out the Skitude Söll Challenge. It is not too late.

Söll Challenge

You have until March 19th, 2018 to record more than three days of skiing at your favorite ski resort. Participants will be eligible for a drawing to win Söll technical ski gear in the form of a jacket and pant ensemble (*) for either yourself, or a member of your family.

The challenge: Ski more than three days
Where: At all participating ski resorts
When: Now through January 1st, 2018
The prize: A set of Söll ski clothing (jacket and pants) for one family member.

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Söll 5-K Challenge

Now through January 22nd, ski more than 5 kilometers in one day, at any ski resort in the Alps. Qualifying participants will be eligible for a drawing to win a set of Söll thermal base layers (*) for themselves, or a family member. In addition, just for participating, you will receive a 15% discount good on the Söll online store. With the Skitude App, it is super easy to participate in our challenges. All you have to do is download the application, choose your preferred challenges and… get skiing!

The challenge: Ski more than 5 kilometers in one day
Where: At all participating ski resorts in the Alps
When: Now through January 22nd, 2018
The prize: A set of Söll thermal base layers And stay tuned for the upcoming launch of phase two of this challenge, with new prizes!

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Why choose a Söll Challenge?

When preparing for your outdoors snow adventure, having great gear that will protect you from the wet and cold is a vital.

Söll is a brand that offers high-quality, rugged and comfortable clothing with attractive and colorful designs that catch the eye of children and adults alike. Technical clothing made from the latest in textile innovation guarantees your comfort and safety in extreme weather without neglecting style and elegance.

With Söll and Skitude, you have everything you need to get the most out of your favorite ski slopes and win fabulous prizes while having fun.

Two Söll Challenges are waiting for you. What do you have to lose?

* Please refer to Challenge terms and conditions available on our website or through your favorite MySkitude compatible app.

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