Trail Running experience at Domini d’Isards

domini d'isards

Domini d’Isards (Dominio de Rebecos) is a trail running destination located in one of the most iconic parts of the Catalan Pyrenees, the Vall de Camprodon.

Vall de Camprodon is located at one of the easternmost extremities of the Pyrenees and very close to the Vallter 2000 ski resort. The tourist attractions of this enclave are endless; both for sports enthusiasts and those interested in culture. A visit to Vall de Camprodon will be full of nature, culture, sumptuous cuisine, and the opportunity to enjoy one of this country’s most talked about trail running resorts.

The resort has a set of ten circuits of different levels, including a vertical quilometro, all marked according to the degree of difficulty, so you can choose the type of trail you want to do without getting lost.

The circuits are located in well-differentiated areas of the Vall, from the highest alpine peaks to the deepest forests. There is something available all year round, no matter the season.


We decided to make a route through Serra Cavallera leaving from the Villa de Camprodon. We of course registered our track using the outdoor mode on the Skitude app.

We wanted to get to Puig del Pla de les Pasteres at 1894 metres up. We completed the trail one day in January right after a light snowfall, the scenery we encountered and photographed was absolutely breathtaking.

Finally, we covered more than 16 kilometers with a positive difference of over 1100 metres. We were unable to get to the top due to an accumulation of too much snow in the last section that prevented us from moving forward at our desired pace. We are already planning a return trip this spring!

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Domini d’Isards is already on Skitude app with its own profile. Save all your experiences there to benefit from all advantages of the Skitude app. Advanced statistics, rankings, geolocalized photos and many more features.

The Vall de Camprodon trail is also available for everyone.

Thanks to the continuous activities organized by Domini, we can safely say that the resort is full of options. From Training Camps to Stage Trails of all kinds where you can train on trails of high level.

In addition, in the town of Espinavell, central hub for the area, the team in the restaurant and grocery store Can Jordi are willing to help you find the best circuit and even provide a place to sleep; Domini has accommodation available to suit all budgets.


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