Track of the Àliga slope in Grandvalira

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Downhill skiing registered with the Grandvalira tracker app on the Àliga de Grandvalira track on Wednesday the 23rd of March, 2016. A day of sun and hard snow at the top and spring snow at the foot of the slope.


The Àliga track is a circuit only recently incorporated into the high competition calendar layout. You could say that it is divided into two major sections: the first section is a more gentle slope, without much forest on its side, uniform and rectilinear in design, without sharp bends; while the second stretch is much steeper, surrounded by thick forest and a very demanding curve, due to its steep incline. The entire stretch faces northward, except for a small section that faces west.

The starting point begins at 2450m, and the finish at 1700m. The average track width is 60 meters. The route used for competition measures 2.9km with a network of 47 snow cannons formed by the high pressure.

To access the starting point, we must use the Tarter 4-seater chairlift or the cable cab of the same name and, afterwards, the Tosa Espiolet 6-seater chairlift.

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Some historical notes

Construction was begun in late 2012 with the aim of organizing Super Giant and downhill tests. In November 2013, it received certified recognition from the FIS.

It is a rectified and improved stretch, although only in a small part, on the original track with the same name. From a bird’s eye view, or frontal perspective, it is shaped like a Z. The track was adapted to the technical criteria of the FIS and is identified as being a stretch with elevation changes, walls and very long jumps but low elevation that make it very spectacular but very safe for skiers competing on it.

On the Àliga track, three international competitions of the highest level have already been held: the finals of the European Cup in March 2014, the European Speed Cup ​​in March 2015 and the Women’s Skiing World Cup in March 2016, skiing down the track the most media-covered skiers of all time: the north American, Lindsey Vonn, and Swiss newcomer, Lara Gut.

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The track

I tracked this run with the Grandvalira app‘s Tracker. This app is compatible with my profile My Skitude.

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