The best photos of the season 2020-21 so far

the best snow photos of the season

Mountains and photography almost always go together. We like to record our getaways and adventures to immortalize those special moments that we do not want to forget. A photo is a memory, a snapshot that will last throughout time, and something that we can always look back on to remember and relive the feelings of that day or moment.

You send us thousands of photos during the season. Snapshots that come from all corners of the world where snow and mountains are the protagonists. These are the most outstanding of the season so far according to the interactions between all of you who are a part of this great community.

IMG_1899 (2)Resort: La Molina | Country: Spain | Skitude User: vinyloco | Application: Skitude

IMG_1889Resort: Porté-Puymorens | Country: France | Skitude User: Ivan_Sanz_Tusell | Application: Skitude

IMG_1864Resort: Chamrousse | Country: France | Skitude User: Steph_DFL | Application: Chamrousse

71189-cln-427-resortscanadianrockies-kimberley (2)Resort: Kimberley | Country: Canada | Situde User: Mamadj | Application: Ski RCR

IMG_1909Resort: Glacier 3000 | Country: Switzerland | Skitude User: Manu_Diablerets

IMG_1904Resort: Mont Blanc Faustín | Country: Canada | Skitude User: mfontaine | Application: Skitude


mailResort: Silverstar | Country: Canada | Skitude User: marilyn | Application: Skitude


IMG_1914Resort: Ascou | Country: France | Skitude User: BenM | Application: Skitude

IMG_1897Resort: La Molina | Country: Spain | Skitude User: Vinyloco | Application: Skitude

IMG_0904Resort: Nakiska | Country: Canada | Skitude User: Ands | Application: Ski RCR

IMG_0007Resort: Glacier 3000 | Country: Switzerland | Skitude User: Manu_Diablerets

IMG_1913Resort: Grandvalira | Country: Andorra | Skitude User: feeldaflow | Application: Grandvalira

mail 2Resort: Masella | Country: Spain | Skitude User: Ivan_Sanz_Tusell | Application: Skitude

IMG_1911Resort: Kvitfjell | Country: Norway | Skitude User: lienmarit | Application: Hafjell – Kvitfjell

IMG_1916Resort: Chamrousse | Country: France | Skitude User: diaballik | Application: Chamrousse

IMG_1900Resort: Kvitfjell | Country: Norway | Skitude User: kajaned | Application: Hafjell-kvitfjell

IMG_1910Resort: Grand targhee | Country: United States | Skitude User: delara | Application: Skitude

IMG_1898Resort: Baqueira Beret | Country: Spain | Skitude User: Almudena Arias | Application: Skitude

IMG_1865Resort: Chamrousse | Country: France | Skitude User: Steph_FDL | Application: Chamrousse

IMG_1906Resort: La Molina | Country: Spain | Skitude User: Vinyloco | Application: Skitude

IMG_1893Resort: Sierra Nevada | Country: Spain | Skitude User: Juanma_3bt | Application: Sierra Nevada

IMG_1905Resort: Fernie | Country: Canada | Skitude User: mamadj | Application: Ski RCR

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