The 5 kinds of photos we all take on the slopes


Everyone loves a good photo opportunity, especially when capturing those unique moments that can only happen when skiing.

By immortalizing them with our cameras, we give ourselves and everyone around us the opportunity to share and relive the experience time and time again. (And, why not? It also serves to make others a little jealous as well…which we all secretly love!)

If that weren’t the case, half of the photos on our online profiles probably wouldn’t exist. Taking the time to stop and frame the shot perfectly…letting our inner photographer take over..all for the opportunity to show it off and say “Look at me! I’m such an artiste

Disappointment is inevitable however, as the photos we take are usually ten to the dozen!

And, after seeing our photos, it is clear that we shouldn’t give up our day jobs to become professional photographers. We have grouped below the 5 types of photos that we all take on the slopes. Have a good laugh 😉

Chairlifts – Those moments of boredom that we’ve all used as the opportunity for a photo session

Let’s face it: most lifts are boring. We’re all just looking forward to reaching the top so we can enjoy the journey down; And although we can distract ourselves contemplating spectacular views or chatting with the person beside us, we cannot avoid the boredom nor can we ignore the risky temptation to take out our phones to take a photo.

We all know someone who has dropped their beloved mobile phone, never to be seen again, presumed buried under heaps of snow.

Selfies – Posing in the snow

It’s been about four years since the infamous Oscars selfie. The one with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, among others. That photo went viral, landing on the front pages of newspapers and clogging up the social media feeds worldwide.

Just like our celebrity friends, we also like to show ourselves off by taking selfies everywhere. We may not be as glamorous, but our social media profiles are full of selfies.

This is our favorite photo to share. We already know that all our contacts are dying to see our happy faces on the slopes so they can see exactly what they are missing out on 😉

And if we happen to be skiing during the week while everyone is working, all the better!

Falls – That moment so humiliating, yet so irresistible to immortalize

This is the cruelest category. Yes friends. We know what it feels like when your colleague (yes, the one who overtook you before) falls into the snow and, once you have seen that they’ve not been harmed, you take out your mobile and snap away, with the objective of documenting as much evidence as possible….And with the glee as if we have never fallen ourselves!

Skis – Because everyone needs to see our lower bodys

If there is anything we are most likely to be proud of, it’s our skis. Our skis are our best allies, they keep us in contact with the ground and thanks to them we can ski all day. For all this, they deserve a picture a day, … or two, … or three because they do not look the same hanging on the chairlift as they do on a well-milled track or atop some fresh powder snow.

Don’t forget to take part in our challenges, for a chance to win skis and other equipment 😉

Bar – Because it’s not all about the skiing

What can we say about our photos in the bar? A day of skiing is equivalent to a visit to the bar (one, two, three … and they’re much needed) to relax with a beer or to enjoy a hot drink to warm ourselves up after a cold day on the slopes. Are you someone who hits the bar just as often as the slopes?

Bonus category – WTF Photos

OK OK … we know this post is about  “the 5 kinds of photos” but we couldn’t resist adding in this extra bonus category. We just could not let you miss out on all the photographs that prove that the Skitude community is full of crazy things and (or rather, people) that you find on the slopes. Recognize yourself?

Do you have any of these photos on your profile? Of course you do 😉 Worry not, we love that through the Skitude platform, each week hundreds of users take their pictures using one of the compatible applications.

Not only are these magical moments immortalized, as we mentioned before; They also geotagged! Through the user profile we can see where the snapshot was taken and we can get to know you, see how you have fun and discover all the beautiful places and stunning landscapes that we would never otherwise have known about. Keep them coming!

And you, are you more of a risking your cell phone in the chairlift, of a taking arty photos in the bar, or a disguising yourself as a zebra type of user?

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