Skitude Season News 2018/19


We start the season again with great news. Focusing as always on improving our user experience of pistes, we are proud to present new features that will allow you to have more statistics than ever and replicate your descents in a 3D environment.

As usual, with the first snowfalls and as the first ski resorts open their doors, we start a new season in which, more than ever, you will be our star. Let’s begin!

More challenges and prizes than ever

As usual, in Skitude we like challenges. We want your experiences on the pistes to be unique. We bet you like to get up there on the slopes and, as well as skiing, having the chance to win incredible prizes! It is as simple as activating your tracker: take a look at the challenges of the Skitude app or any other app that is compatible, and join in. This year, there will be even more on offer than in previous seasons. Compete with our community and aim to be the winner! And if you’re asking yourself… Will I be able to compete against the keenest skiers and snowboarders? Don’t worry, there are challenges for everyone! Just by participating, you will enter raffles to win an infinite number of prizes. In addition, this year we will also raffle prizes on our Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow us and stay tuned because there are already many participants who have won ski passes for their favourite resorts.

A new app design


If you have not opened the app since last season, you will see that there have been many changes 😏. But let’s start with the first; the design. As always we like to enhance your experience and that’s why we have redesigned your ‘My Skitude’ profile as well as the details of each piste. Navigation within the apps is now more intuitive and seamless. But the most important changes are reflected in our functionalities. So we present…

Skitude Premium: Don’t set limits to your experiences in the snow!

This is the great new thing this season. We’ve been working on this project for a long time, listening to all your opinions and trying to present a platform that offers what ski and snowboard lovers need like no other, .

Today more than ever, with your help and that of the entire community, Skitude will have a different tracker. Haven’t you ever wondered how many black, red, blue or green pistes you have completed today? Now, with Skitude Premium, you can record your activity and at the end of the day the app will give you a detailed breakdown of statistics for each piste. You will be able to relive and know exactly which pistes you have done and the difficulty of each track. Your days on the slopes move up another level thanks to:

  • 3D resort maps: You will have access to 3D maps from more than 2,500 ski resorts around the world with information on various points of interest, the status of the pistes such as: difficulty and whether they are open or closed.


  • Play back your activity in 3D: With Premium you can analyse and play your tracks in a 3D environment and share it with the community and on social networks. Give yourself the pleasure of sharing your experience and making your friends jealous!

  • Advanced statistics: Check specific information on your tracks. Apart from the usual data, you will have access to the statistics of each descent. You can compare different pistes and analyse your performance on each of them. At day’s end, look at the daily report and check the recorded time, specific speeds, slope of the descent and much more. Practical, isn’t it?


  • Speed heatmaps: Apart from the detailed information, check the recorded speed for each point of your piste and for each specific descent. The application will generate a heatmap where you can see the speed recorded at each moment in a very visual way.


  • Apple watch app: We know from the opinions of many that our apps consume a lot of your mobile phone’s battery. This will no longer be a problem. Give yourself the pleasure of tracking your performance directly from your wrist, and forget about the rest. Leave your mobile in a safe place, save your battery and enjoy what we like the most: Skiing and snowboarding!


Like what you see? Don’t wait any longer. It is already available in Skitude App, and throughout the season in the rest of compatible applications.

Take advantage of the free 7-day trial period and you will see what it is like to have a different and unique experience for skiing and snowboarding, an experience without limits. Then, choose the plan that best suits your needs. We give you the option to subscribe monthly for €5.99 or annually for €29.99.

Are you ready for this season? Have a unique experience with our apps, and let’s all make this season unique; a season to remember.

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