The Skitude platform allows you to compete and win prizes for enjoying your passion

Skitude app ranking win prizes

How would you like to win fantastic prizes simply for enjoying your favourite outdoor activity? Stop dreaming and make it a reality with the Skitude platform!

For many of us, when we reach the slopes we forget to warm up. Yes, we know that it often happens to you too! Although we already know very well the importance of a good stretch to limber up the body and prepare for the physical activity that we are going to perform, our thirst for snow can be stronger.

What most of us don’t forget is to start the tracker in our preferred Skitude compatible app. Why? Because we like to add kilometres every week and follow the development in our profile, while comparing our stats with other users in this social network, which this year has already positioned itself as one of the most prominent thanks to its international expansion.

Throughout a day of skiing or snowboarding, the application records information like activity time, distance travelled, current, average and maximum speed, as well as the total cumulative meters of descent.

This data is stored in our user profile so we can check it later. It also lets us see how we are gaining positions in the different rankings that exist depending on the discipline chosen.

From our profile we can access the different rankings classified by:

  • Statistics: distance, slope, time or total days.
  • Season: we can visualize the data of the current 2017/18 season or access the history of past seasons. Note that seasons go from June to June, to differentiate the northern from the southern hemisphere.
  • Activity: in “Winter Mode” we can see the different leaders in the winter sports disciplines. Otherwise, if we’re using the “Outdoor” mode we see the scores for sports such as running, mountain biking, etc.
  • Community: in this selector we can choose the total data of all the Skitude platform users, or choose our contacts, so the application will show a list positioning us next to our friends.

Maybe we don’t rank very highly on the global scale, but … being higher than our contacts is always good motivation, right? 😛

This data is part of the global rankings, but we can also see who the leaders are depending on the ski resorts and the various challenges.

skitude App ranking

Station rankings

The station rankings are the ratings according to users with trackings from a particular ski resort. You can access these rankings through the station selector in your Skitude application, or through the app of the ski resort you’re using.

Discover the most active users in each resort!

Win prizes via challenges

We’ve already mentioned several times the challenges that are promoted from the ski resorts themselves and from different brands linked to the snow and mountain world.

Each challenge has its own particularities and conditions in order to participate: register one or more days of activity through the tracker, take fun family photographs, etc. and with them enter the virtual contests to get prizes and gifts, like tech material or passes for any of the different ski resorts.

The challenges rankings consist of particular classifications for each of the different challenges underway. A total of 90 are scheduled this season! This way you can see if you qualify to enter for one of the prizes if the challenge holds a certain number of positions.

Skitude app ranking win prizes

In your Skitude compatible app, you can see the list of the active challenges. You can also do this online in the challenges section.

So, do you already know how you rank in the different leagues?

Access your profile and find out!

Download Skitude:

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