Ski Switzerland: An app specially designed for your snow getaways at the Swiss ski resorts


Do you love the Swiss ski resorts? If so, we suggest you to try this new application we’ve created for those who share the same passion.

About the application

Ski Switzerland it an all-in-one app created for those who share the passion for snow. It’s bound to become as important as all your technical gear, and it will change the way you approach your ski days this season!

Prepare your stay at the resorts

We’ve developed an app that specially meets the needs of users. Ski Switzerland is the perfect companion before, during and after your ski getaway.

In that way, the platform is fully integrated in the app and gives you the possibility to get real time information from more than 211 Swiss ski resorts.

We’ve also added a shop section, where you can manage and prepare easily all your snow getaways at the different Swiss ski resorts in the same app. This is made possible by the partnership with  who provides universal ski passes for all participating partner ski resorts. Get access to more than 50 ski resorts with only one keycard. It’s pretty simple, link your keycard and your credit card to your Skioo account and get billed after your ski day with the best corresponding rate offered by the ski resort.

Live a connected experience on the slopes

Thanks to Skitude’s social platform, you’ll be able to use a series of features focused on the empowerment of your ski days. Choose the sport you want to practice, use the GPS tracker specially designed for winter sports and start recording all your activity at the Swiss mountains.

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Join the challenges created for the Skitude community and win awesome prizes like ski equipment, action cameras and some of the best ski resorts deals. Take photos of the most stunning moments of your activity or summits and share them with your friends or the Skitude’ community. Take a look at Skitude’s social network accounts in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and stay informed about the different news and challenge results.

At the end of your ski day, analyse your performance on the slopes: gradients, speeds, number of kilometres, specific slope data. Compare your results with our community and try to be the leader of our rankings, including general classifications or those of a particular resort.

Take your ski to the next level with Skitude Premium

Don’t set limits to your experience. With Skitude premium you will be able to take your experience at the Swiss ski resorts to the best. Watch your tracks and all the information from the different ski resorts in a 3D environment. Access to unlimited statistics like speed heatmaps and synchronise the app with your apple watch device.


So, what are you waiting for? Join in to the biggest apps community for skiers and snowboarders and share your passion for snow to the world. Download now and have a unique experience with Ski Switzerland!

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Download and discover the Skitude App!

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