Skitude Season News 2017/18


More challenges and awards than ever, improved stats, alerts and notifications, new designs…

We are positive that you have been attentively monitoring the weather forecasts for at least a month now, patiently waiting to celebrate the first resort openings of the season. It is true the wait can seem long sometimes, but for our part, we have the pleasure of declaring another season open and sharing the improvements we have made to the “My Skitude” profile accessible through your favorite compatible app. We hope you approve of the changes, and above all, that you can make the most of them whenever possible.

1- More challenges and awards than ever

Who does not like to win free ski passes, skis, discounts, equipment or other accessories? We all do, right? Participate and benefit from the numerous challenges you will find in all Skitude compatible apps. This winter, the challenges will be greater in number and more varied than ever. Your ski days will be greatly improved since, apart from simply enjoying the snow, your activity will make you win prizes.


In addition, throughout the season, we will improve the organization of the challenges section, making it easier to see the prizes available for each one and identify those that may interest you.


2- Separating ascents and descents

One of our goals is to provide quality and relevant information about your skiing activity. To achieve this, we have incorporated a system that will break your stats down into descents and ascents. This way, you can really see how your skiing is progressing without having to stop the GPS Tracker when on the lift. Record your entire day of skiing, and your stats will now be classified as either descents or ascents. Practical right?


3- An activity summary at the end of the day

But wait, there is more. Every day you are active, you will receive an email with a summary of the day’s skiing so you can relive, analyze and share it.

4- New UX/UI designs

To continue improving the app, and provide you with additional and better information this season, we have redesigned the most popular app categories in a more attractive format to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and, in particular, to facilitate use and access.

5- Intelligent alerts and notifications

Finally, so you can remain informed about slope conditions and benefit from the best snowpacks this winter, we will start sending you notifications when there is heavy snowfall.


6- And so much more

And, as always, remember that you have access to a host of features to improve your experience before, during and after your ski day, through your “My Skitude” account. It is completely free, and does not require an Internet connection when you are on the slopes.




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