RideOn, the New Generation of Ski Goggles

Girl using RideOn-HiRes

Skitude is always on the lookout for the latest technological releases and even more so when it’s wearable technology. A few months ago, we discovered RideOn, a company of Tel Aviv. RideOn is developing the future for ski goggles that combines gamification, real-time data and augmented reality (AR) for a new experience on the slopes.

Make no mistake, this technology is no gimmick! These goggles are real tool to make our life on the slopes easier and even more fun. After the Oakley goggles, the Airwave, that incorporated the Recon Instruments technology, RideOn offers us a n unique experience by embedding AR in the goggles. Since these images are projected aceoss a greater surface, it provides the user a n even more realistic experience.


No need for external devices, mobile applications or voice activation to use it. Just wear the mask and look at the icons fixed skyward, on friends, or on other points of interest. Use your eyes to interact with the goggle’s interface. By selecting icons projected on the mask’s screen, you can access the menu and  call a friend or start a virtual slalom race.


The mask accesses real-time information, such as the estimated wait time for a ski lift.

Realize how they used gamification through chasing games, a virtual slalom race. It is like you are in a videogame, but this is real life!

RideOn has also developed tools to connect with your social network:

  • Find your friends on the slopes
  • Communicate with audio or video.
  • Games to compete against your contacts
  • A virtual throwing snowballs system (for those who remember the Facebook poke…)

The goggles have an HD camera to record the ski sessions and also have a video chat so you can talk with your friends.

Good news

You can pre-order this mask at: get.rideonvision.com for this 2015/2016 season!

So do you want to try this new technological experience? :)

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