Recon Jet, Glasses with Android for Athletes and Sporting Enthusiasts


The technology and more especially the wearable technology keeps on evolving and developing solutions more and more accurate and efficient for the sporting enthusiasts. Just imagine this technology on the slopes!

Recon Jet is a powerful portable computer, with Smartphone-like technology, a complete set of sensors and a comprehensive  connectivity feature suite . It has an Android-based system and the SDK (software development kit) allows developers to create applications for any activity where information is relayed directly to the user’s eyes.

Intelligent Interface

JETs interface is like a 30” screen seen from 2 meters away. See vibrant and bright images in any light level all due to Glance DETECTION patented technology, that activates when you glance down and deactivates when you look at an object, thus minimizing distractions and maximizing  power efficiency.

Point-of-view Camera5.running

JET’s embedded camera takes fotos and records videos instantly. Its display  also doubles as a viewfinder, and because Jet’s display doubles as a viewfinder, you’ll always frame your shot perfectly.

Sensors and Connectivity

JET’s smartphone-like processor provides GPS support and a complete set of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer and magnetometer. Additionally, ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) and Wi-Fi connectivity are available on JET. It also synchronizes with your Smartphone, so you can see all message notifications and access all the social networks.

Optics and Two-Button Menu

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, using JET is a breath of fresh air. You only have to move your finger and push., and even gloves won’t stop you!

Glasses and High Performance Lens

JET is more than just innovative technology, it is also high performance eyewear. Completely adjustable, equally in the frames as in the nosepieces; it also has four interchangeable lens that have been impact tested and are UVA and UVB protected. JET also has polarized lens available.

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