One App for the skiers of an entire country: Chile Esqui


In the series of applications that we have developed and are compatible with My Skitude, exists Chile Esqui. The application facilitates and enhances skiing experiences in Chile.

Skiing in Chile

There are many skiers from the northern hemisphere that dream is to ski all year round, and for this, many of them go to: Chile! Chile offers a variety of ski resorts in the center and the southern part of the country. Europeans but also and mainly Chileans, Brazilians and Argentinians can embrace the beautiful snow conditions from June to September or October for the high altitude resorts.


The maybe most known of the ski resorts are near Santiago de Chile:

However, there are many other stations: El Arpa, Lagunillas, Chapa Verde, Nevados de Chillan, Ski Pucon, Osorno Volcano, Las AraucariasCerro Mirador, Antuco, Antillanca, Corralco, El Fraile.

These resorts are all the ski resorts of Chile and they are all present in the application Chile Esqui!

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Skiing differently with Chile Esqui App

Chile Esqui was developed in collaboration with Chile es tuyo, an initiative of Sernatur, the national service of tourism in Chile, with the aim of developing and promoting destinations and activity of skiing in the country.

All stations are united in applying to offer visitors an experience facilitated by distribution of useful information for their stay.

The application allows visitors to keep up to date with real-time information of each resort. Once at the resort, the application provides tools for tracking, and navigation for a better orientation and safety on the slopes. The skiers can store, analyze and share their experiences and descents with tracks and pictures of the day. They even have the opportunity to participate in the leaderboards of the resorts and participate to challenges to win prizes.

Application Features

chile esqui features

Presentation video (in spanish)

For further information visit or download the app:


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