New improvements for the 3D Maps

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As part of our continuous development of our 3dmap technology we would like to share with you some new additions: Multi-resolution textures and optimized custom areas.

Multi-resolution textures

In a fashion similar to Google Earth, this feature loads textures of different resolution depending on how close the point of view is to the terrain. This means that when we zoom in, higher quality tiles of texture are progressively and seamlessly loaded, giving us the chance to see more details of the terrain. The fact that this is only done for the visible tiles minimizes the impact on performance. The result: great quality, high performance and plugin-free maps! Check out the video:

Custom Areas

We have optimized the rendering of areas, lowering the polygon count and increasing the precision. Areas have plenty of applications in representing features of ski domains including snowparks, freeride zones, rookie areas or avalanche risk zones. Here’s a video showing the feature:

We keep on enhancing the 3D maps and our Apps, so stay tuned for the next updates!

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