My Skitude, your personal ski diary


Recording oneself’s daily activity using GPS devices is an increasingly common trend, especially in activities related to sports. The goal is not only to obtain and compare statistics for oneself but also to share them with your friends and family, taking advantage of the fact that devices are more and more connected to the cloud.

Skiing is not an exception. Skitude has the ultimate tool for skiers which, besides offering weather forecast, webcams and skiing conditions in real time. It also allows users to record all their activity at the mountain, to help them improve their experiences and even to win great prizes. All this is saved in a My Skitude account and kept in the cloud.

A My Skitude account will provide you with your own personal ski diary where you can check, analyze and share your experiences at the mountain. As mentioned, it will also allow you to have fun and participate in the various Challenges available on the slopes. You can access the My Skitude account from the Skitude app, all the supported mobile applications and from the Skitude website.

Here is a summary of the features:


1. Check out your activity: Store the tracks registered with any of the compatible Apps tracker feature and view them on a map.


2. Geolocate your visit: Take geolocated pictures, associate them to your runs and view them on a map.


3. Analyze your statistics: Analyze your overall statistics of the season and the specific ones of your different tracks in order to keep improving. Tag and filter them by activity (skiing, snowboarding, hiking…) and compare them with the rest of the community.


4. Participate and win: Participate in the Challenges and competitions we launch on the slopes to win great prizes!


5. Share your position with your contacts: Share your location in real time with your family and friends. Locate each other at the mountain.


6. Share everything: Share your experiences in your favourite resort on the Skitude social network, as well as on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you think about all that “My Skitude” offers? Create you My Skitude account right now:


We continue working to improve your experiences at the mountains.

See you on the slopes!


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