Masella: “We are developing an app based on a real demand from our clients”


Masella is the second most visited ski resort in Catalonia. It is located in the Western Pyrenees and is best known for offering the most significant night ski in all the Pyrenees. Since the 2014-15 season, they have had their own mobile app.

Ramon-MasellaIn this post, Ramon Boter, Communications Manager of Masella’s Sales Department, spoke to us about the advantages of mobile application for their resort.

Ramon applies his knowledge as a geographer and also as a photography and weather enthusiast to complete his daily tasks, like public relations working equally with media outlets and resort guests. We have to thank him for the spectacular photos for Masella at first light that we can see on his social networks and in the press.

We appreciate that he was so kind to answer our questions and we hope that you find what he has to say as interesting as we did.

When did you see the need to develop a mobile app for skiing?Masella-app

The decision to create Masella’s own mobile application with Skitude came from a real demand that we saw from our clients.

For example, every year we analyze the visits to our website and it wasn’t so long ago that 100% of the visits were made from a PC. Then the appearance of smartphones and tablets has changed this. There is an upward trend in website visits from mobile devices and our website did not have the responsive design nor did it satisfy the need to offer visitors great service while at Masella.

This year, we released our new responsive web design along with an application suited for smartphones and tablets.

What does this new medium offer your clients? What advantages does it have over other apps?

Offering a mobile app provides us with many benefits. Our website offers a lot of information and is not designed to utilize the full capabilities of mobile devices.  With this application, we can provide more up-to-date information in an easier, faster and more streamlined package. Most importantly, it is easily accessed once on the slopes.

Our clients can use the intuitive interface to read real-time information about our slopes and ski lifts, the weather report or watch the live webcams. A picture is worth more than one thousand words. Like if there is fog in the valley, often some skiers won’t go out on the slopes, even though above 1,400m the sky is clear.  In this case, being able to view this in the live webcams from the app is an important advantage .

In addition, we offer direct communication with our users through Push messages. We can speak to our clients via segmentation and send them the most relevant information with these real time messages.

Another benefit of having application available instead of just a website is that our users can use the interactive map or augmented reality to move around the resort better and discover all of our available services.

Are you planning to release any new features?

During our app’s second season, we continue to promote it so our clients know more about the added value that the app offers them. In this sense, the instantaneous information from these notifications and alerts is useful for us to communicate directly and in real time with our clients.

We will release new competitions and contests with our app that rewards loyalty to our ski slope. We held three competitions last year.

For the future, we will continue working on incorporating more features to our app.

Considering your partnership Skitude, what are the best qualities?

Our relationship with Skitude is a positive one. We value our direct and easy relationship greatly and how accessible Skitude is. They listen to us when we want it. Skitude is a young and dynamic company and we value their quest for constant improvement. Each season, their Research and Development team provides us with new features and improvements to add to Masella’s app.

ic_launcher Masella  App for iOS and Android

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