How do the Skitude rankings work?


One of the most relevant features introduced in the Skitude platform is “the rankings”, which displays an ordered set of users based on their performance within the community. In order to generate the rankings, every application compiles all of the user’s tracks recorded with the Tracker feature and sends them automatically to the Skitude platform’s cloud, where the data is processed and analysed. The rankings can be accessed both from the Skitude compatible apps and the Skitude website.

The rankings compare your activity with the activity of the rest of the community considering different statistics such as distance time or drop. The rankings are present in the following features:

The leaderboards

rankings skitude app

The Leaderboards in your Skitude profile

The leaderboards include the standings of all the platform’s users. You can find them both in and in the Skitude apps. The leaderboards show the community’s top 50 users within the best results for each of the statistics considered and segments them in the following categories:

  • Per statistic (Distance / Drop / Time / Total days)
  • Per season (All seasons or a specific one). Seasons go from June of one year to the June of the next year. This means that the southern hemisphere users in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Australia or New Zealand are the first to show up in the rankings.
  • Per activity. There are two groups of activities: summer and outdoor. You’ll find activities such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain skiing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.
  • Finally you can choose to compare yourself with the whole global community or only with your contacts.

Resort Rankings

ranking resort skitude

The leaders of Peyragudes ski resort (France)

The resort rankings are resort specific standings. You can check out these rankings in the different My Skitude compatible apps or in the Skitude app by selecting a particular resort. Are you one of the top skiers in your favourite resort? This is the way to find it out.

Challenge Rankings

ranking uller challenge

Challenge ranking

You can also check out specific rankings for each challenge both in the apps and the website. To view the challenge ranking,
use the “Results” button that you will find in the challenge description. From there on you can find out if you qualified to win the challenge prize! By the way, don’t despair if the results don’t show up immediately after the challenge starts. Usually we wait a bit, until there are enough participants, to publish them.

You now know everything about the different types of rankings in the Skitude platform. Go and find out how are you doing :)

Not even showing up yet? Then download the Skitude App, start recording your sessions and challenge your friends, resort or the whole world.

rankings itunes- skitude app

rankings gplay- skitude app

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