How do the rankings work?


One of the most significant improvements to the newest version of Skitude is the rankings. The application complies all of the users’ tracks, sends them automatically to the Skitude platform’s cloud where the data is analyzed.  Once processed, the data is ready to be seen in the mobile app as well as on the web. The classifications or rankings are automatically generated based on all activities registered.

The app offers various ranking types and can be organized based on categories that interest you. Here are some of them:


  • Global rankings: classification of all platform users. This shows you what your global ranking position in each category and compares you to all platform users.
  • Rankings among Friends: Classification and comparison of positions limited to just your group of friends.
  • Resort Rankings: Classification of users who have tracks at just one resort. You can check this rankings in the different My Skitude compatible apps
  • Competition/Challenge Rankings: specific rankings for each challenge, for example the Snow Hero Challenge

What are the rankings categorized? Well, the rankings are measured based on different indicators and here are some:

  • Accumulated distance in kilometers
  • Accumulated elevation in kilometers
  • Total time
  • Total Days of Activity Registered

These indicators can be consulted and viewed regarding all previous or current season, or select any of the previous indicators. In addition, you can specifically select one registered sport to view on the rankings: skiing on the slopes or ski touring? Cycling or running? Finally, the ranking can be compared against all Skitude users or just amongst your friends.

In this way, these rankings can compare and contract your registered activity against any and all users, using an extensive use of available data but also with the ability to narrow your search depending on what you are interested in.

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