FGC Ski Resort group presents 3D Maps designed by Skitude

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On Wednesday, October 28th, 2015, the FGC Group (The Government of Catalonia’s train and ski resort operator), released the latest innovations for the 2015-16 snow season at the Moritz Brewery in Barcelona. Skitude played an important role in developing these new innovative features.

At Ronda Sant Antoni 39-41 in Barcelona, you will find the historic Moritz brewery, which began to produce one of the most reputable Catalan beers in 1856. With a little more than four weeks until the start of this snow season and a pleasant 22ºC outside, inside the brewery FGC’s five ski resorts presented the new features for this winter to reporters and more than 200 invited guests. Skitude played an important part in the development of these features. La Molina, Espot, Port Ainé, Vall de Núria i Vallter made their technological and digital improvements public: new websites, significant improvements in the mobile phone applications and most importantly, they showcase the new SmartMountain-SmartTrail maps. These 3D maps were designed by Skitude and customized for each one of the ski resorts previously mentioned. The 3D maps distinguish the FGC group technologically because it allows them to provide better service to its clients. Skitude is especially satisfied in the work done to produce the 3D maps for each resort’s app. However, Skitude hasn’t stopped yet! Soon, Skitude will release information on other innovative updates for the applications

 So, what makes the 3D SmartMountain-SmartTrail maps so special? These 3D maps adapt to the guest’s needs and allow the user to better locate and navigate within the resort. This new technology is a giant step forward in the evolution of traditional maps. With Skitude’s technology, these interactive maps are a reality that greatly benefits the app’s users. With the application and these maps, the user can quickly and easily find the slope, lift or ski patrol when needed. Or why not find a terrace bar where they can enjoy a pint of Moritz while looking over their day’s descents saved on their phone. Doesn’t that sound like a great plan?

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