Dynafit Skimo Challenge in Vallnord


Are you an explorer, a skiing addict, a fan of outdoor activities and a lover of the mountains? If so, you must check out ski mountaineering. The Vallnord resort has launched the Skimo project, which will enable you to discover this sport through responsible and safe practice.


Ski mountaineering is an activity normally practised away from the resort slopes, where the participants crest the tops of the mountains without taking off their skis. It’s a highly enjoyable way to enjoy Nature to the full and discover it thoroughly, with no lifts, slopes or other conveniences used by the general public.

The activity has gained a large number of followers and Vallnord is one of the most popular destinations for this type of sport in the Pyrenees. With the aim of promoting mountain trails and good Skimo practice in its facilities, the resort has created various mountain routes and challenges in its domain. Vallnord has designed three different circuits, one for each of the resort’s sectors, with the support of the Andorran Mountaineering Federation for the design and safety of the circuits, and that of the brand Dynafit, which specialises in ski mountaineering equipment and has contributed to the project with its knowhow on this sport.

The Skimo project was created based on the mountain ski races in the three sectors:


The Vallnord Arcalis circuit starts at Els Planells and rises to Portelles at 2552 metres, with its first part on the Megaverda slope and finishing with an amazing off-slope descent.

At Vallnord Arinsal the route passes through Les Marrades and the circuit comes to the highest point in the sector, Port Negre. The route has over 1,000 metres of gradient and is ideal for the most experienced athletes.

Finally, the circuit of the Pal sector starts at the La Serra II chairlift and rises to the 2,358-metre summit of Den, crossing the Pla de la Cot.

On every route you’ll have to pass through various checkpoints, and this is where the challenge begins!

The Dynafit Skimo Challenge

The Vallnord app has tools specially created for this challenge. One of these marks the time the user takes to complete the selected circuit and once completed, creates a ranking of all the users who have taken part during the season. Another consists of an audio guide which steers the user through the circuit.


How do I take part?                                                                                                                                                                

To take part, just download the free Vallnord app, go to the Skimo Dynafit Challenge section, choose your sector and take part in the challenge. Select your sex and country, save and off you go!

At the start of each route you must scan the QR code with the Vallnord app. Once you have scanned it, a 5-second countdown for beginning the challenge will be activated. The app will guide you along the route using the map and the audio guide which will show where each checkpoint is.

The challenge is available from 6 February to 6 April 2015 and there will be 2 winners for each sector (male/female).

What is the prize?

The prizes for this challenge are a GoPro Hero 3 White and a Dynafit RC22 backpack!

There will be prizes for both the best routes and the simplest completion.

Download the Vallnord app and discover ski mountaineering.


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