Challenges available through the family of Skitude Apps, great motivation to keep enjoying days of fun in the snow.

Of the many features available through the entire family of Skitude-compatible apps, there is one that undoubtedly stands out to keep racking up kilometers through your favorite app, the Challenges!

Whether through the Skitude APP, or that of your favorite ski resort, you will always find an updated list of current challenges in which you may participate, and this year, drum roll please…, we have beaten the previous awards and challenges record! Do you recall the article where we talked about the large number of challenges sponsored by both well-known brands and ski resorts?

Well then, this year there is a total of 90 challenges sponsored by snow brands you know and love, and from a variety of ski resorts too, both offering many prizes up for grabs, such as technical clothing, action cameras, seasonal ski passes, etc.

In today’s article, we wanted to share some interviews from app users who have actually won some of the challenges.

For example, let us start by introducing you to Cris Fulleida, a ski instructor, who through the use of the Port del Comte APP, won his ski resort’s sponsored challenge. When we asked Cris about his experience, he replied, “The truth is that the challenges are attainable, and pure fun, which only adds to of the pleasure of skiing.” That is, without a doubt, one of the reasons why I would recommend using the APP.”

And like Cris, we also wanted to share Jordi Monferrer‘s opinion on the subject. He was the winner of a GoPro action camera through the Snow Hero III challenge. “The challenges are very interesting and motivating…there should be more! “

And with that in mind, Skitude has been working hard so we can now say to Jordi, “Do you think you could participate in the 90 challenges available throughout the 2017/2018 season?”

We also wanted to talk about Pau Lafuente, a regular skier who uses the La Molina and Masella APPs. He is another example of someone who won of one of last season’s challenges and responded with the following, “The challenges are a great incentive to make people want to ski more, especially since they can win prizes doing something they like. Personally, since I have won a prize, I would encourage everyone to participate. You only have to push a button at the start and at the end of your day to add the activity to the challenge and be eligible to win a lot of things.”


Do you want to be one of the next winners of a challenge available through the Skitude App network?

You can see the list of current challenges and follow their activity and participation through the following link, or by means your favorite Skitude app! What are you waiting for?

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