“Apps for Skiing: Our goal is to make skiing easier for our clients”


Estiber and Esqui.com, two travel agencies who offer ski and snow vacation packages, launched their own mobile applications this past winter. These apps offer clients the companies vacation packages, as well as provide information about ski resort statuses in real time in collaboration with Skitude.

0991c2aIn this post, Jon Labrador, e-Commerce and m-Commerce Business Developer for Estiber and Esqui.com, was nice enough to share with us his experience from their first season. We appreciate his collaboration and hope that this interview is as interesting for you as it was for us.

When did the need to develop a mobile application for skiing appear?

Wherever we go, we always have our smartphone near. We used to just talk and search for information with it, but now we do much more: we buy, sell, book, comment and socialize…

The need to develop special apps for skiing was created by the demand from skiers and our clients. Our capacity for adaptation, combined with the ease and simplicity of mobile phones helped us create these apps, and respond confidently to what our users need in our services.

Our goal is to make skiing easier for our clients, from the beginning until the end of their experience. Increasingly, this is done with a mobile phone or a tablet. Offering current information about the slopes’ status or the best deals via the app shows our promise to give the best experience for the user. This is now a more personalized and direct manner, all in your hand, just one click away.

What does this new medium offer your clients? What advantages does it have over other apps?

Estiber‘s ski app is a great tool to discover all types of experiences related to mountains and adventures, directly from a smartphone. One can stay up to date with everything to do with the ski resorts or book trips to the mountains at the best prices, this app is a must-have for mountain enthusiasts; even during summer!

The Esqui.com app, just like Estiber‘s, provides information about ski resorts and shows the best deals to make the most out of ski trips, all in the the user’s hand. For any ski-trip lover, this app delivers everything needed for a weekend in the mountain. Check slope statuses, the weather and book the resorts that best suits you. Easy!

Are you planning to release any new features?

Yes, these ski-focused apps have been developed based on our clients’ current needs, but it is also necessary to continue adapting and continuing upgrading. Therefore, it is essential to focus on users’ feedback to be able to improve and provide a solution as soon as possible. An app ceases to be effective if it does not evolve or continue to change, because it is the users, who download the app in whichever platform that is available, opinion that is essential to the app’s success. We have several new features planned for the winter season. Pay attention to our website ans social networks and don’t miss any new releases.

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And in regards with Skitude, what points are highlighted or valued more?

What distinguishes Skitude is their human touch. The relationship between both businesses has always been good and trustworthy. We combine professionalism and experience, however, above all, our passion for skiing and mountains is what unites us.

icon_launch1024  App de Estiber para iOS y para Android

icon_launch144  App de Esqui.com para iOS y para Android

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