Advanced Stats in Your Profile: the Radar Graph


One of the principle feature added to the MySkitude profile this December are improvements in personal statistic calculations and the graphs that illustrate the data. This upgrade is available in all the compatible apps, and soon online. Therefore, in this post we are going to explain what is the Radar Graph.

Many of you already know that the Radar Graph is a common way to organize video game characteristics. Especially for sport games, the main characteristic parameters: velocity, strength, technique, etc., are displayed visually. Since we were  inspired by these representations, we created a system that we believe you will like and let you create your own avatar inside the Skitude community.

Open our app, or download it if you don’t already have it and once you are registered, you can try it out for your profile or another user’s. Your personalized Radar Graph is constructed based on the activity registered and on the 5 following categories:

Resistance: The farther the distance you  go in a day and using your daily average, the more prestige you achieve.

Addiction: The addiction to a sport or an outdoor activity depends on how often you tend to do it. Therefore, all the days you register an activity counts towards your addiction, based on all season’s registered. In other words, the higher your season’s or year’s average number of sessions is, the greater the prestige.

Speed: In this case, it is very simple to explain. The faster average sessional speed, the greater the prestige.

Versatility: A user is more versatile when they register doing more sports and activities. If you alpine ski but also ski tour or do another non-winter sport, register them online and tag them on your profile. You will see how it changes your versatility.

Experience:  Finally, we value experience while taking into account the previous categories.

If you ask us on which basis we compare how to obtain a higher or lower prestige, we say that in the first version of Radar Graph we look at general statistics within the community over a certain time. We factor in the differences between sporting methods (alpine sking, snowboarding, ski touring, running, etc). Overall, suggestions are welcome and we will continue working on perfecting this profile feature to better fit reality.

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