A ski resort GPS Navigator now available in Grandvalira’s App


This season is bursting with new improvements in the Grandvalira app. This Andorran resort has updated their smartphone app and as expected, they released new features that use the latest technology for this winter wonderland. Using the same app base that they released two seasons ago, their app  now includes a slope geo-location service and particularly, voice guided navigation from routes and ski lifts to wherever the user needs to get to.

The Navigator: so you don’t get lost and so you know where to go.navES

With the GPS navigation system included in the app, it now not only allows the user to see points of interest, but
also the app tells us our exact location within the resort and which path to take to find our families, friends or a restaurant, so they can replenish their strength. The app guides us through the ski slopes and lifts and directs us from an exact point or how to go back to the resort after a day of skiing. And with what options? Do you want to ski on easier slopes? Or the fastest route? Which ski lift to use? How long will it take to arrive? It is just like using your GPS navigator in the car, but in this case, you use your phone. This feature is especially important to this Andorran resort because the resort can be measured in hectares and its enormous amount of slopes and ski lifts.

Imagine if there is a snow storm or fog rolls in and covers the entire mountain, and we aren’t the best of skiers. So, we just turn on the GPS navigation system and the programs locates us and depending on our ski experience (beginner, intermediate or expert, which we selected earlier), it will direct us and recalculate the route, just if it happens, to our destination. In addition, we could be audio guided (available in Spanish, Catalan, French and English) thus leaving our phone in our pockets and listening to precise step-by-step directions on the slopes or to a ski lift, and even a visual that we should encounter on the route.

There are many new features in the Granvlira app and we are sure that you will want to download and try it for yourself. Go try it today!

 icon-grandvalira   Grandvalira app for iOS and Android

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