Discover Golte, Slovenia

We invite you to explore the Slovenian ski resort of Golte, where we had the pleasure of skiing and enjoying its slopes and its beautiful views of the Savinja Valley

The Slovenian ski resort of Golte is only an hour’s drive from its capital, Ljubiana, and from which you can ski and enjoy magnificent views of the Savinja Valley.

The resort is easily accessible from Ljubiana since a good part of the trip is done by highway, or main road, until you arrive at the base of a ski lift that will take you up to Hotel Golte in just 10 minutes. The hotel is located at the foot of the slopes and has a modern and cozy feel. We opted to drive up by car. The journey takes a little longer, but is an equally good option as the winding roads revealed some breathtaking views like the one in the following photograph taken just after the country had received an impressive snowfall.


Once on the slopes, the resort offers a good number of easy and intermediate level tracks, and in February the snow quality is excellent.


Located close to the station are several cabins where you can enjoy a local speciality – a glass of hot wine and take in the beautiful scenery.

ski-golte-1 ski-golte-2

We noticed that over our week there most of the skiers were Slovenian; mainly residents in the valley. The guests at the hotel tended to be visitors from elsewhere. The fact that Golte is very close to the border with Austria, make it an attractive option for Austrians looking for a skiing holiday; attracted by its proximity, but also by quality and affordability. Other neighboring countries such as Italy, Hungary, etc. also see Slovenia as the perfect place for a ski getaway.


At the following link ( we share our skiing adventure via the Golte App, compatible with Skitude. We cannot encourage you enough to visit this amazing country perfect for outdoor and winter sport enthusiasts!



For more information you can install the Golte App for free, both for Android and iOS

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